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XL3 Aquatray


Our XL3 Aquatray can be used in almost all seastate conditions, subtidally or intertidally - suspended several high under longlines, under buoys and rafts and also attached to rails and longlines.

  • Economic grow-out unit
  • Use for oysters, scallops, abalone, mussels and clam farming
  • Trays stack & nest to 50mm
  • 40mm holes in the corners allow for use with suspension ropes, polypipe, etc when used subtidally
  • Option for suspension using seat belt webbing attached with the side clip accessory. Holes for this purpose are punched at the time of manufacture. This requirement must be stipulated when ordering
  • Options for 9, 4 or no divisions
  • Base mesh sizes - 6mm, 12mm, 25mm or solid
  • Side mesh sizes - 12mm, split 12 & 18mm, 25mm, or solid.
  • A range of accessories are available (enquire for more details).

Please note:  Minimum quantities may apply


MaterialPolypropylene with UV additive


SKU: 032/548

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