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Our Engineering Division specializes in the production of plastic injection moulds to suit our substantial moulding facility. These are manufactured for both our proprietary products and under contract for other companies for whom we undertake injection moulding. 

Tooltech Plastics offers a one stop shop approach, delivering our client’s concepts right through to reality. This has given us a wealth of experience in all facets of production, allowing our skilled team to minimise delays and rapid modification of moulds to suit the changing needs of our customers. Our Engineering workshop has the most up to date equipment and 3D printing has allowed us to prototype a product for better visualization of conceptual products to ensure a superior outcome.


Is Injection Moulding the right choice?

If you require a part to be made in the 1000s, then Injection Moulding will save you time and money.  Once an injection mould is made, your product can be made over and over to the same specifications and the same quality. 

If you require small quantities, then it may not be the right choice as the cost of producing the mould will be too great making the component parts very, very expensive.

How do I start the process?

Simple.  Contact us by phone or email and we will arrange a consultation with you.  If you have drawings or samples, bring them along.  If you have a concept in mind, we can help bring that to life.  We will also discuss types of materials to suit your product.

Will I receive a Quote?

We will submit a quote to you for the cost to build the mould and for parts to be produced.  The quote will give a lead time for how long it will take to produce the mould.


For some, we may use a 3D printer to bring an idea to life.  A draftsman will create a technical drawing of your requirements.  The drawings will then be presented to you for your approval before we proceed to the mould build stage.

Building your Mould

After the design has been signed off by you, our Toolmakers get to work creating your mould out of a block of steel.  CNC machining centres are used to carve out the steel to form 2 halves which are then attached to a mould base and fittings attached.


Once the mould has been ompleted, we move the mould to our Plastics Department to trial the mould to ensure the parts are well formed, exit the mould cleanly and meet your expectations.   When we are satisfied with the parts produced, we send samples to you for your approval.  


Once you are satisfied with the off tool samples, we can begin production of your parts.


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